Stand Up
Paddling (SUP)
"also called standing paddling or stand-up paddle surfing is a water sport in which the athlete stands on a kind of surfboard and with a single bladed paddle generates propulsion .. "/ wiki
Stand up paddle
SUP tryout

After a short briefing we start from the surf farm towards Ringköbing port and pass the bird sanctuary island and the mouth of the Vona river.


Learn to balance yourself and stable to paddle on the SUP.

43 € / 2 H
Stand up paddle

Depending on the wind direction we are supping the Vona from Ringkobing fjord to our surffarm from Stadil Fjord along. about 11km.


Previous experience or Sup Tryout necessary.

59 € / 3 H
Stand up paddle
SUP kids & family

Fun & Action for the small surfers!


Kids + Water = Fun


39 € / 2 H
Kiteverleih Kiteschule Kitesurfen Ringkobing Hvide Sande Dänemark Kitespot Hvide Sande Kitelehrer Kiteverleih Kiteschule Kitesurfen
Stand up paddle

rent our BIC Sups and explore the ringkøbing fjord harbors, bays and channels


Our BIC sups are undestroyable and can manage any place anytime without having to worry.

19 € / 2 H

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